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Rules & Regulations

Unacceptable Mods

Some mods are allowed here on Sagas. If you are using a mod that is not on the following list, you are breaking our Acceptable Mods rule and are at risk of being banned. If you wish to use a mod that is not on this list, please submit a request to staff and it will be reviewed to see if it is acceptable to allow in the game. Play fair, play safe, don’t use illegal mods!

  • Gammabright mods (increase the brightness in mods)
  • Armour Status (bspkrs Mods)
  • Potion Effect (bspkrs Mods)
  • Damage Indicators
  • Better Sprint ToggleSneak / Sprint Mods
  • Mod World Downloads
  • Kohi
  • TCP
  • NoDelay
  • OCMC
  • LabyMod
  • Replay Mod
  • LiteMod
  • Keystrokes Mod
  • CPS Mod
  • FPS Mods
  • JustPvP Mod
  • 5-Zig Mod
  • Shaders

Server Rules


The intentional stating of another server name, IP address, or website with the intent to take users from Sagas. The medium used to advertise makes no difference and includes, but is not limited to, forum posts, private messages, signs, and in-game mail. Please keep in mind that mentioning a server that is long dead is not advertising, as it cannot possibly steal players anymore! (Don’t list their IP though even if gone)

AFK Mining

AFK mining presents an unfair advantage economically that we cannot ignore. Do not AFK mine.

AFK Machines

AFK machines presents an unfair advantage economically that we cannot ignore. Building any sort of machine to avoid the server AFK kick is against the rules.


Asking for free items is not entertaining. Don’t do it. You’ll be muted. Do not ask staff or players for handouts.

Non-English Chat

Please keep our primary chat channel in English. You may speak other languages as much as you wish in other private channels in the game.


The use of any racist terms, in any context, intentional or not, is not acceptable. There is absolutely no excuse to use any racial slur, of any type. Racism will not be tolerated in ANY fashion.


Any action where others can see what you typed being repeated in an unreasonable way which disrupts the enjoyment of others.

ALT Accounts

One account per player. If you play with other players at the same location, please contact staff so we can note this down. We will perform a test on you to ensure you are indeed two different people, involving coordinating both characters in a way that is impossible with only two hands. Do not share your account, either. A compromised account used by services that supply alts will be banned permanently.

Ban Evasion

Evading bans using an alternate account is grounds for permanent ban. This can be appealed on the forum for cases where this is a misunderstanding and the player in question can prove they were not the other username. The account which also evaded the ban will also be banned.


Reversing a donation will result in a permanent ban. This process is automatic. Server donations are not refundable.

Glitch and Bug Exploitation

If you locate a bug, glitch, game mechanic, or something else within the game that can be used in a way that is unintended please submit a report on it. If you found something that gives you an unfair advantage, that means it could give others an unfair advantage, and there goes everyone’s fun.


Do not needlessly destroy another player’s structures without their consent (screenshot that consent too). Un-owned territory which has fallen into disrepair is okay to be picked apart, but an obviously player owned structure should not be destroyed.

Hacked Client

We do not tolerate hackers here. This is the most obvious of nopes we could ever stress.

Inappropriate Buildings

Do not construct buildings that display offensive imagery such as swastikas, genitalia and other such things. In the case of an Inappropriate Building issue, the staff member alerted will get the opinion of two other staff members to make sure it isn’t just their imagination.

Inappropriate RP

Do not attempt to play out some sexual thing here on our server. Attempts to do so may be met with a ban.

Inappropriate Skin

Skins of naked character or naked imagery are not to be tolerated. A Hiter skin will be treated as an inappropriate skin, though other lesser historical menaces will be tolerated. If you have a question about if a skin will be considered inappropriate, please contact staff.

IRL Trading

Attempting to trade real currency for in-game favors from other players is not acceptable. This means you cannot request someone to buy you a rank in exchange for a huge wad of in-game cash. Due to the threat of scammers with real money situations, we’ll be treating those trade requests as an attempt to scam people out of their money regardless of it that is the intention or not.

Mute Evasion

Mute evasion is where a player is muted so they try to bypass it using signs, books, or other means of in- game communication. Whatever their original mute duration was, we’ll double it if we catch this. If this behavior is repeated, on the fourth offense we will add a one day ban with an additional day of mute on top of the current mute so the player returns to their mute duration.

Staff Impersonation

Any method of convincing other players that you are a member of the staff team when you are not. This includes setting staff member's name in your nickname, discord name, site name, or otherwise obvious dialogue created in an attempt to mislead someone about your identity as a staff member.


Threatening players, staff, or the server is not acceptable. We understand people can become angry and start going off on another, but there’s a difference between being upset and threatening to kill a player, doxing, server attacks (DDoS), telling people to go kill themselves, etc. You can totally be angry with people, but don’t start threatening them as people. This is not a joke, and enforcement of this rule will be serious even if the statement is intended as a joke. If this is a serious enough situation we will not hesitate to protect our community by removing the threatening player.


Creating a portal or system which traps a player and restricts them from escape entirely is unacceptable. If a player can type and leave it is okay. Creating a system which takes unsuspecting players from safety to certain danger is also considered trapping.

Unauthorized Website Advertisement

Do not post a website URL or discuss going to a website with the intention of drawing traffic to it from Sagas without authorization from the administrative team.

Unauthorized Youtube Advertisement

Do not post a YouTube channel or link with the intention of drawing traffic to it from Sagas without authorization from the administrative team.

Verbal Agreements and Honor

If a verbal agreement between two players has been made about a trade of some sort and one player outright lies about what they were doing, staff intervention is a possibility. You cannot scam false trade keys and fake items this way. If you agree to arrive to help a player with something and instead turn on them, staff intervention could occur. Please take your verbal agreements seriously.

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