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  1. AbraCadara

    Pending Kraken's Awesome Staff Application

    I wish time had been taken to format this a little better to make it easier to read, but ultimately a good app. Thank you for applying. (sorry for the long wait on a response)
  2. AbraCadara

    Approved Staff Application - Liam

    You certainly know how to paint a picture with words, what a journey that was. The effort you afforded is certainly appreciated. You put a lot of care into this. (Disappointed to not see sales projections and added charts for good measure ;)). A decision will be made closer to the opening of...
  3. AbraCadara

    Approved Sparrows Dawn's Staff Aplication

    A very well written and easily readable app, (love the colours). Thank you for all of the detail provided, and i must say, your Dyslexia does not show here other than your switch up of "Then" and "Than". A rather perfect application ;)
  4. AbraCadara

    it... it was the 2nd but ok :P

    it... it was the 2nd but ok :P
  5. AbraCadara

    Rejected Hyverks Application

    Due to certain events coming to my attention I am forced to REJECT your application. We still hope to see you on the server and hope you will apply again in the distant future.
  6. AbraCadara

    Approved qKiwi's Staff Application

    Great app, the layout and detail is perfect! However, can i get more info as to why you resigned after just a few months on all of those servers?
  7. AbraCadara

    Pending Arctic_Wren Staff Application

    what a great app, clearly you put in some effort and i would like to add that i can say with confidence that being on the autistic spectrum would in no way count against you when applying to be staff :)
  8. AbraCadara

    Pending Deluu’s Staff Application

    Great app, detailed and formatted. Best of luck to you :)
  9. AbraCadara

    Rejected CallMeSpace'es Staff Application

    You need to use your application to "sell yourself". I dont know you, so here is your chance! All i see in a minimalist apps is that you are not willing to put in the time and dont want us to know you. Ill let you think about how that translates to the server and the work we think you would do.
  10. AbraCadara

    Rejected Hyverks Application

    Hey Hyverks, what a great app. A few colour/Grammar issues but i am picky ;) You show such pride in your work and really gave the opportunity to get to know you through this app. Whether you are accepted or not i would like all applicants to see this as a "Model Application". Thank you for...