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Approved Kindle252's Beta App

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Papi Kindle
Section A - Basic Information
  1. Minecraft Username: kindle252
  2. Discord Username: Kindle252#3722
  3. Age: 15
  4. Timezone: PST
  5. Country: US
Section B - Testing Experience
  1. Why should we pick you over another applicant? I have a lot of experience in minecraft beta testing, finding, and sometimes fixing bugs. I was a part of the QA Team on TheSquadMC for a bit, where I helped to test out new gamemodes and to see if things work. I have also assisted a manager from the server Chasecraft to find over 100 bugs and typos network wide. I also have a tendency to figure out how to break things on minecraft servers, discord servers, and even websites. I can also find giant exploits that can be used to advantages that would completely break things.
2. Have you had an previous experience in testing (Minecraft and non Minecraft related)? Like said above, I have a lot of experience with finding bugs and working QA to help make a server better. I have also recently helped a owner on a server called Overblast with fixing typos on their discord, and helping them to fix things within the discord. I have about 2 years worth of testing experience with many different things which have allowed me to see the common problems and not common issues with things. Overall I have helped to find over 200+ bugs out of everything I have worked for as a QA person. I have found even more just attempting to use the service as normal. I have helped to find bugs big and small, non game-breaking, and game-breaking for a lot of servers, and would love to help out here.

Section C - Agreement
  1. While beta testing, do you agree not to leak any information? Yes


Staff member
HI @kindle252 ,

Thank you for applying, under careful consideration we are happy to inform you that your application has been ACCEPTED
Please check the #beta channel on discord for more information.

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