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Approved qKiwi's Beta Application


New member
Section A - Basic Information
  1. Minecraft Username: qKiwi
  2. Discord Username: qKiwi
  3. Age: 16
  4. Timezone: NZDT
  5. Country: New Zealand
Section B - Testing Experience
  1. Why should we pick you over another applicant? I have played minecraft for almost 5 years, I am familiar with the game. I have also been around Conrad and Josh for 4 years or so, So I am familiar with there servers and what to expect from them. I would also like to help Saga move in the correct direction as I see this server becoming big!
  2. Have you had an previous experience in testing (Minecraft and non Minecraft related)? Yes, I have been on a Beta team for multiple servers, and I have helped setup multiple servers before.
Section C - Agreement
  1. While beta testing, do you agree not to leak any information? Yes, I agree to not disclose any information regarding the servers features.