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Approved Sparrows Dawn's Staff Aplication

Sparrows Dawn

New member
Staff member
Section A - Basic Information
  1. Minecraft Username: SparrowsDawn
  2. Discord Username: Sparrows Dawn
  3. Age: 18
  4. Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
  5. Country: United States of America
  6. Languages you can fluently speak: English
Section B - Applicant Information
  1. How long have you been playing?
    1. I have been playing Minecraft sense beta 1.6 so for a little over 10 years.
  2. How many hours can you contribute to Sagas?
    1. I will contribute at minimum 2-6 hours a day depending on the day of the week and any plans that may arise.
  3. What motivated you to apply for a staff position?
    1. I am applying for staff because I love Minecraft and I love helping people with stuff I enjoy. I have played a lot of skyblock servers and want to contribute to improving a gamemode that I like. I played on TheSquadMC as well, I was in the beta test for Venture Ville. I am very excited to see where this server will go in the future and I hope to be there.
Section C - Staff Experience and General Information
  1. Are you currently staff on any other server(s)?
    1. I am not staff on any server that isn't my own.
  2. Do you have past experience in moderating a community?
    1. I have experience in running my own server and admining a couple of small servers (player base of about 7 to 10.)
  3. What relevant skills do you have to offer?
    1. I am very good at discord support and I am pretty good with world edit as well as vanilla commands. I love to learn new things and I also enjoy talking to people.
  4. Why should we pick you over another applicant?
    1. I think if there is someone who was more qualified then I was than they should be the one chosen. I do not believe that an argument to prove myself over others is a necessary thing.
  5. If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?
    1. I am really into music and playing instruments as well as aggressive inline skating.
  6. Is there anything else you would like to add?
    1. I have dyslexia and have trouble spelling sometimes although I try not to let that slow me down and try to not let people bother me about it. My discord is almost always open for clarifications.
Section D - Scenarios [Please answer these how YOU think they should be handled.]
  1. If one of your best friends was breaking a rule and you caught them, what would you do and how would you handle it?
    1. I would stop them and try and figure out why they were breaking the rule before following through with a punishment.
  2. You come home from school/work and have ton of homework/work to do, you think to yourself I'll just take a 5 minute break before I start and get on Sagas. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you've been on the server all that time." Does this scenario sound familiar to you?
    1. This question is relatable in a way. I try and stick to a schedule as much as i can but frequently take breaks in school work to check on things and not get overwhelmed with work


Your Friendly Neighborhood Cad!
Staff member
A very well written and easily readable app, (love the colours).
Thank you for all of the detail provided, and i must say, your Dyslexia does not show here other than your switch up of "Then" and "Than".
A rather perfect application ;)