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Section A - Basic Information

Minecraft Username:


Discord Username:

19 in June.

Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)


Languages you can fluently speak:
Unfortunately, only English at the moment. I do plan on learning possibly Spanish one day though before I travel through Mexico.

Section B - Applicant Information

How long have you been playing?

As the server has not officially been released as of writing this application, I have not played on the server yet. However, I have been apart of the Discord community for roughly 3 days or so. This may seem like a very short time, and it ultimately is. However, over this time, I am already amazed at how unique and well-planned out this server is. It's not every day that a project like this comes out of the blue, especially when there are hundreds of upcoming SkyBlock/Minecraft in general servers out there. Obviously, this is just based on what I've visually seen, which although not heaps, I do see a lot of potential and success coming within the near future upon release. That being said, although I really haven't been here long, I definitely have made my mind up with sticking to this server, regardless of the outcome of this application.

How many hours can you contribute to Sagas?

I'll be honest, a lot of people brag about how they can manage to spend 10+ hours a day on one server alone, even more on Minecraft itself. I'm not in anyway hating on others who do this, it all comes down to each individual person, what they want to spend their time doing, etc. However, as a young adult currently working in my local government, I simply don't have the capacity to do so myself. This does not mean being active will be an issue though. I too used to be one of those kids making my life revolve around Minecraft, eventually learning that it was never going to help me physically, mentally, or socially. The great thing about growing up over the years is that you learn to adapt. Adapt in a way that you can spend a few hours a day on a hobby whilst also maintaining a healthy work and social life. Anyways, to cut things short, I can spend a good 15-20 hours a week towards the server, more or less depending on the exact week and what I have happening.

What motivated you to apply for a staff position?

I actually haven't been in the Minecraft staffing community for quite some years now, simply because I got bored. Every server out there has something fun, worthwhile for a period, and then gets boring. It was a hard decision to make when looking at the consideration of applying for Sagas, however considering the significant details I've noticed from being exposed to the community. Although I'm yet to see what really is on offer within the server, I definitely can see a LOT of potentials. Yes, I have mentioned this previously, but as mentioned in Discord the other day, I haven't seen something this advanced and detailed since Hypixel. Generally, a lot of servers try to compare to Hypixel, get big and hyped out, that's not really what I see from Saga though. The design itself does give me Hypixel vibes though, in a sense that what my eyes see shouldn't be possible. The amount of skill, time, and effort to create something so beautiful just blows my mind. That basically sums up why I not only was motivated to apply but actually did. I've been motivated previously for other projects before, however, have never actually physically attempted to put in the effort myself.

Section C - Staff Experience and General Information

Are you currently staff on any other server(s)?

As mentioned before, I have lost a lot of interest in the staffing community, so no.
Currently, I am not staff on any other server/s on Minecraft or any gaming platform.

Do you have past experience in moderating a community?

I believe I joined the Minecraft community back in late 2012, to be exact on my 10th birthday. That would be almost 10 years, I would say I've been moderating various servers for a good 5+ years. If I could, I would go into detail about every community I moderated for. However, with more than five years of experience, there could be 100s of servers from ones holding only a few players to semi-big ones with 50+. I'll list a few though which definitely had an impact (for the good) on me.

LuckyFeed (Duping Server).

Back in 2017, duping aka duplicating items was a very big topic being discussed around the Minecraft community. More so when a guy by the name of LuckyClutch decided to release a server-based around duping. Yes, you heard that right, duping items were allowed, hyped up and the whole server was based around it. I'd be happy to provide a few YouTube video links showcasing the significant success which came with this server, alternatively, if you looked up Jamea and/or BenMascott duping videos, you'd see quite a few results too. I started my way off as a Helper, as per most server's staff hierarchy. I would say I was there for a good year or so until late 2018, whereas expected, it died off. Throughout that time, I slowly made my way up that hierarchy ending up managing the server. Ultimately, it eventually died though, as it was more one of those one-off hyped phases where players just ended up finding bugs every day and generally lost interest.


This was another server I worked for back in late 2018 (shortly after LuckyFeed). I was there for almost two years, again starting off as a Helper and slowly crawling my way up the hierarchy. The reason why there are two names is that originally the server started off as DeltaPvP going from SkyBlock to both SB and Factions. About a year into this, the server just wasn't working out (financially and overall a complete mess). This is where the management of Delta decided to just close down and shortly after open up again under the name of PiratesCove. This is where they contacted me asking if I would be interested in taking up a management role, which I gladly accepted in the hopes that round two would work out a little better. For the first few months we were doing really well, but ideally, we were never going to last. The financial aspect of running a server is never something I'm ever able to support personally myself and although multiple efforts were put into getting the server to survive, it never worked out.


I would say I've had my fair share of working for smaller servers in various roles. A lot of servers I've been apart of have never really worked out though, which from the looks of it, is almost always a financial problem. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute I spent on those servers, however, I've never really had an opportunity to be in a proper community that actually lasts.

What relevant skills do you have to offer?

I would say I have quite a good skillset when it comes to moderating communities big and small.

Skill TypeAboutBenefits for Saga
Creativity This is quite broad, but I would definitely say one of my main personality traits is being very creative. From the moment I was handed a paintbrush in grade 2 art class, I've non stop been on a creative spree with anything and everything.I would say this is a potential benefit for Saga. Continuously, I come up with great ideas for servers, i.e updates, etc. However, it really is up to management if they take these into consideration. It's always useful having an extra mind generating new ideas for the server though.
LeadershipI didn't really mention this previously, but I'm currently one of the many shift managers at my local pool (on top of my government job) which comes with the expectation that I not only know how to lead but also not become power-hungry. A lot of staff I work with are quite younger than me, and although I'm not that old myself, it is still a great opportunity.What I'm really trying to say is that having the ability to lead can become a useful skill in the longterm when working with a Minecraft community. Although it's clear that no one will start off at a management role in the hierarchy, eventually it is something which is considered, and having that skill previously does come in handy.
MaturityThis really isn't something that can be proven in an instance, it's more so noticed over time. Maturity is definitely something I've had to learn over the years though, specifically in real life. For most of my life, I've been left to look after my younger siblings, providing me with a challenge but also a very useful life lesson.Maturity is one of the main aspects of being a great staff member (simply my opinion). Sure, you can ban rule-breakers all day and goof around a bit, at the end of the day though, you need to know when to act maturely around others, especially when it comes to interacting with younger players. They generally don't understand how one should act, which is where I come in, being a role model for them.
Overall Server Knowledge
Previously mentioned I do have about 5+ years of experience working within Minecraft servers. This allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge on the back end side of things such as configurations, setting up plugins, and in general just having a decent knowledge of how server's work.
This may not be useful to start off with, as I doubt you would ever consider having a trainee assist with the back-end of developing/implementing updates. Eventually though, if it gets to the point where I may find myself higher in the hierarchy, you can always ask me for assistance with anything really. I don't know everything, but most of the time I can easily learn/teach myself. I'm sure you guys have a whole development team dedicated to these kinds of things, an extra set of hands though isn't the worst idea though.
Website Development/DesignAlthough not that related to the Trainee role as such or even staff in general, I thought I'd list this skill. Ever since I was about 10 years old, I've been teaching myself front-end web development and design purely out of interest.This is another potential benefit, although the forums/website looks great and I'm sure you already have it covered, having someone with a background in front-end web development/design can come into use. Say you were looking at making a minor change on the forums and don't want to pay a professional developer to do so, just ask me. 9/10 times I will happily work for free.

Why should we pick you over another applicant?

Honestly, I believe my application and if requested for an interview, will be more than enough for a decision to be made. I do know that I have tried my hardest and put in the absolute most effort I could. Ideally, I would hope to get chosen over another applicant, but it will all depend on what you think of my application.

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?

Currently, I am freelancing front-end web development/design and also starting up a local baking supplies delivery company. I would say those are my only hobbies, as a lot of my time is spent working as an IT Administrator during the week and Shift Managing on weekends.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I've actually created a graph on my predictions for the future server growth if I was to join the team @ Sagas. Obviously, these are estimated values and may or may not follow through, but I did think it was a nice addition.
I also hope anyone reading this (staff or not) enjoys and has a great rest of their day/night.


Section D - Scenarios [Please answer how YOU think they should be handled.]

If one of your best friends was breaking a rule and you caught them, what would you do and how would you handle it?

This question is simple, I would handle it as per the punishment guidelines outlines. Friends are players just like family etc are too. They get no special treatment whatsoever. I would personally message them though, asking them what they are doing and why. Other than that there really isn't much I can do. A lot of people I have met before actually find this question quite hard, struggling to decide between if they should be punished or not. I myself really don't see an issue though, although they may be a good friend, it's a game at the end of the day. It would surprise me if a friendship actually went south purely based on the fact that they got banned by you for example. If it did, well personally I don't see them as a true friend and thus will move on with my life.

You come home from school/work and have a ton of homework/work to do, you think to yourself I'll just take a 5-minute break before I start and get on Sagas. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you've been on the server all that time." Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

This no longer is a reality for me, but in the past, it is 100% something I not only could relate to but have actually done. in my younger years, I would spend hours upon hours just on Minecraft, putting not only my school life at the bottom of my daily list. You do learn to grow out of this though, well at least I did. I hope that the next generation is not like this though, as it does get me frustrated to see kids screaming at parents and whatnot all over ONE GAME, which really isn't life or death.

By the way, if you managed to get through all of this. Thank you! However, I'm not quite done.
If you would like to read my resume, please visit the google doc found here.
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You certainly know how to paint a picture with words, what a journey that was.
The effort you afforded is certainly appreciated. You put a lot of care into this. (Disappointed to not see sales projections and added charts for good measure ;)).

A decision will be made closer to the opening of the server, until then i hope you enjoy the sneak peeks and the communities antics :)
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