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Important Suggestion Format

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Creating a Suggestion and Format
(Thank you Max for inspiration on the format)

Creating a Suggestion

Good day Islanders! This post covers the requirements and formatting for making a suggestion.

Basic Information

1. Don't suggest something that is unrealistic and will instantly not be considered.

2. Suggesting unbans/unmutes to be sold in the store is something that will never be considered due to numerous reasons.

3. A suggestion with the content "Fix your shit staff," or something along those lines is not a suggestion but a rant. That being said we are open to constructive criticism/suggestions as to how the staff team could improve provided it's in a somewhat mature manner.

4. Do be open to feedback you get. If someone has made a post on how you could tweak/change your suggestion and it gets a few thumbs up it clearly means people like it so make sure you approach the feedback you get open-minded.

5. Do include a strawpoll. Those help you to properly see how popular your suggestion is and helps us see what suggestions other people like.

Suggestion Format

Good day Islanders! This post covers the formatting for reporting a bug!

Minecraft Username
  • What is your full Minecraft username?
  • Where is this suggestion for?
General Description
  • What is your suggestion (Please explain in full detail)
Supporting Information
  • Do you have an image or video that further justify your suggestion?
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