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Want to prove your dominance across all Islands?

Skyblock is a peaceful game mode about building and expanding an Island. The challenge comes from the limited resources you get and leaves you with creative freedom to build how you want.

We at Sagas asked ourselves, “What if Skyblock was not peaceful? What if the Skyblock experience could be changed to cater to the more PVP oriented players? This is how the concept of Island War was born. We want raiding to be a core feature of the server. A competitive pvp aspect will allow you to fight for rankings on our leaderboard and earn unique rewards. Don't panic however, nothing can be permanently stolen or broken during an attack. Your Island is fully protected. Islands can be broken/placed on by attackers and defenders, this includes everything - even chests; however, items are not dropped. Once the war is finished the Island is reverted to the condition before the war. You can opt in or out of island wars using the /is wars command.

This system will bring a modified variation of bedwars to Skyblock by using our unique placeable structure system. New content and map orientations will be completely different as each Island will design theirs differently. Custom UI, blocks, bossbars, and sound will ultimately elevate the player experience.

After an initial 3 hour period in which a newly created Island is protected from attacks, an opposing Island can start a war as long as at least one person from your Island is online. During the raid, all of your Workers are replaced with a ‘dummy’ block that has a certain amount of ‘hit points’. These custom textured blocks serve as the target for your attackers and in turn you must fight to protect them. The amount of hits that the replacements can take is spread over the entirety of your Workers. So more Workers=more targets. You will have 6 minutes to defend your Island or the attackers will take elo points and loot from you. Any death for attackers or defenders gives a 10second cooldown before respawn which are handled on random surface blocks.

Once a war is initiated and you warp to the prep area, you are automatically moved to a private war channel for everyone participating. You cannot see general, Island, or any other chat. This will provide players with the opportunity to banter and say GG’s at the end of the war!

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Sagas is the first Skyblock experience that utilizes custom models, and top end development. This unique experience is set in Minecraft version 1.12.2.

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