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Explore and conquer this challenging area!

The Badlands will serve as a resource hub for all things needed to progress. A GUI will appear when typing /badlands - you can choose to teleport to one of the four spawns. Two of which are located in the PVP area and two in an exclusively PVE area. This map is split evenly down the middle to accommodate passive (PvE) and aggressive players (PvP). For any additional help type /badlandshelp

In addition, a number of quests from the missions book will take place here, requiring you to leave the comfort of your island to explore the Badlands in search of mobs or other items to complete tasks for rewards.

No blocks can be broken in this area, only the ores that are designated to spawn. Players must rely on their minions to gather cobble and other building blocks. These ores regenerate regularly, and can be mined to be sold to the server for economy. This method is more profitable than collecting passively from a highly leveled core.


Envoys are loot chests that spawn in the Badlands. There is only one type of envoy; however, a number of rare, and quality items can spawn in them. These loot boxes only drop on the PvP side.

Player Concentration

Green = spawn.

Colours darkening = greater expected player concentration.