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What are Artifacts, and what do they do?

Artifacts come in four rarities, Common, Rare, Magical, and Sagas. There is a total of 16 different items per rarity. Artifacts can be obtained in the Badlands, opening crates, and trading. To access the Tinkerer, his entrance is to the right of spawn – underground.


Some Artifact enchantments aren’t obtainable through vanilla methods and, thus, can’t be repaired. However, they can be repaired in the Tinkerer repair GUI. They require an item called a Restoration Scroll, which spawns in Envoys and Conquests in the Bad Lands. These items are single-use and will be consumed.

Artifact Crafting

The lower three Artifact rarities can be traded in for crafting dust at the Tinkerer (Common, Rare, Magical - dust), this then can be used in a unique crafting recipe to upgrade an item. These items can be crafted using the crafting GUI. (crafting bench)