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Attackers spawn first at the user's Minion warehouse, followed by defenders at their island home 5 seconds later. Attack blocks cannot be hit until 10 seconds into the attack. Once the attack is over all players will be warped to their own island home. After being attacked your island receives a 1hour shield/grace period; however, this is removed if you initiate an attack on another island. Islands can not be attacked while all members are offline.

Attack/Defense Points

Attack points can be hit once every 10 seconds and have a max 18 hits. This takes approximately 3 minutes and 10 seconds of the max 6 minutes. You have to be out of combat for 3 seconds before hitting it so players can’t sneak hits while in combat. Each hit is worth 1 point, you get an additional 3 points for destroying the attack point. By destroying this, the attack immediately stops with the attackers being victorious. Each kill adds one point, and each death subtracts one point from your team's total, this means it is possible for both teams to lose and gain points in a war. Most points are collected via attacking. This point total is calculated at the end of the war and added/subtracted from the attacking and defending party; allies' death and kills are tallied towards the island they are defending, and not themselves.

About Us

Sagas is the first Skyblock experience that utilizes custom models, and top end development. This unique experience is set in Minecraft version 1.12.2.

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