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Allies And War Kits

Ally with your friends!
Allies & Prep Area

If you are attacked, your allies will receive a notification allowing them to assist in your defense if they wish to. Be careful though, any AFK teammates on your Island will count towards your Island limit (the amount of people allowed on your Island at any time). When an attack has started, all-Island members are told to tp to the preparation area. This is a loading area which you can select a warring kit.

These kit options are pre-determined and cannot be chosen by multiple players on the same team. This preparation period lasts 60 seconds, failing for any member of your Island to tp to this area will result in an automatic loss.

Ally controls are handled in the main Island Wars menu, you can accept requests, remove previous alliances, and propose your own collaborations in this GUI.

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Sagas is the first Skyblock experience that utilizes custom models, and top end development. This unique experience is set in Minecraft version 1.12.2.

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